Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Les is definitely More

I opened my computer to see a beautiful picture of my mom, beaming.  Wow, I thought.  I need to write on my blog about her (an act that I have been putting off since my first post).  Why am I so scared to be a blogger?  It's weird to me that I have this much self consciousness about blogging.  I guess it's because I am putting myself out there for the world to see and judge-- and I won't be with you in person to win you over another way if you hate my writing!  But you know what?  Writing will keep me sharp, smart,  and alert while I'm home being a momma.

So.....forget all that doubting crap!  I'm writing today.  All about my momma and her battle.  She has been fighting for years, this Multiple Sclerosis disease.  I have to admit that in the beginning I was in denial that she even had MS.  She was as active and sassy as ever all those years ago in Chicago when her eye sight went out in one of her eyes and was told that she had MS.  Staying busy always, my mom barely let us know that MS was affecting her in any way.  We didn't treat her ANY differently, nor did she change much about her life. Swinging the tennis racket constantly and dancing around the room to her favorite eagles, carpenters, and james taylor songs were all common practice in her life.    It wasn't until recently--4 years ago?-- that she started to slow down physically.  As a daughter it is hard to see your mom who loves life and shows it through activity and movement, struggle to find the strength to continue doing it.  Ugggg.  She started having my dad, the most active man EVER, be her doubles partner.  She would hit her famous and continuously frustrating slice shots to the opponents (usually my siblings and I) while my dad just ran round to every shot that she couldn't reach form her very stationary spot on the court.  It was actually quite the duo.  

Slowly, my mom's MS has progressed to the point that she really can't walk well at all.  While I know it kills her, tennis is most definitely out of the question now.  

Courtney. Everyone has problems. 

You're right!  Let me tell you how amazingly resilient my mom is.  Although she doesn't do her coordinated yet very uncomfortable (to us kids) hip thrusts while dancing to "Get Down On It" anymore, my mom is still the kind, loving, full of life, spiritual lady that made her the unbelievable mom that she was for me back then and continues to be now.  Along with her many Christ-like qualities, there is something that just draws people to her.  Like a bird to the open sky, we just love the feeling of being around her.  And I really just can't get enough.  

This is not a story of sadness, but rather an example of a woman who bares what life gives her with a smile and some lovins.  And really just inspires us all.  

This Saturday we will be walking in the 2013 MS Walk in Salt Lake City.  Meet us there at 8 @ the Gateway and let's walk proud for team 'Les is More'!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013


When I asked my husband what the title of our blog should be, he said "suck it, world."  
Wow, that was uncalled for, Sky. But I secretly loved it.  

Welcome to our pad.  Our place to keep family and friends updated on our life.  Actually, let's face it.  This blog is all about Cohen. 

By the way, I have zero % paid attention to other blogs and what is cool, so let me know if I need to be updated on what's up blogger style!

Oh hey Co! Let's play with photobooth today.  Sorry about your 2 month shots, baby boy.  
Momma (and daddy haha) cried more than you!

Today Co is: 11 lbs. 9 oz, 22 in long (growing more OUT than he is UP says the doc...Uh oh!) ha that is my evil mom plan: to fatten my baby up. I WANT A CHUBBY BABY...and he is well on his way.